HAYDN PLUS! 7th Concert 09/09/2017 Emmanuel Church, Didsbury

haydn final                                                          Artwork by Ian Hill-Smith

Photos © Mary Davies Photography

Seventh Concert: 9th September. 11am Emmanuel Church, Didsbury. Free Entry!

The Pleyel Ensemble are delighted to announce that following the great success of our “Mozart Plus!” series which ran from June 2013 to June 2016 we present our latest project; “Haydn Plus!” . This will feature the complete works for piano trio by the inestimable Joseph Haydn tracing some thirty years of his illustrious career. The trios will be accompanied by letters and other contemporary writings, putting the music into the wider context of his life in an entertaining and informative way and are performed by Sarah Ewins, Heather Bills and Harvey Davies. Jonathan Rimmer will join Heather and Harvey for the three flute trios.


Each concert features contrasting chamber music by other composers for a variety of instrumental combinations and we welcome repertoire suggestions from our audience for future concerts.

Sarah’s famous cakes are available for sale as always and entry to the concerts is free!


9th September 2017: Haydn Plus! no. 7 Two more Haydn Trios (tba) are paired with the exciting Piano Trio by Arnold Cooke written aboard a Royal Naval ship between 1941 and 1944 during the composer’s years of wartime service. A work of great power and energy reflecting the circumstances of its composition, Cooke’s Trio deserves to be better known and draws on musical influences as diverse as Mozart, Brahms and Hindemith.

28th October 2017: Haydn Plus! no. 8

27th January 2018: Haydn Plus! no. 9

24th February 2018: Haydn Plus! no. 10

7th April 2018: Haydn Plus! no. 11

19th May 2018: Haydn Plus! no. 12

30th June 2018: Haydn Plus! no. 13



Previous concerts:

10th September 2016: Haydn Plus! no. 1 Haydn Trios Hoboken XV:37 & XV:12 PLUS Beethoven piano trio, Op. 1, no. 2 in G. We begin this exciting new series with two contrasting trios by Haydn pairing them with a work by the young Beethoven composed while he was studying with the great genius Haydn.

12th November 2016: Haydn Plus! no. 2 Haydn Trios Hoboken XV:40 & XV:16 PLUS Martinu Trio for flute, ‘cello & piano. As we are including the three Haydn trios for flute instead of violin in this series we are joined today by our flautist Jonathan Rimmer for the D major Haydn trio followed by the wonderful, witty and beautiful Martinu Trio written in 1944 for the same combination of instruments.

21st January 2017: Haydn Plus! no. 3 The little-heard but beautiful piano trio by Danish composer Niels Gade is today’s “Plus!”. Gade was friends with Mendelssohn and succeeded him as Principal Conductor at the Leipzig Gewandhaus in 1847 following the former’s death. This work is partnered by another two of Haydn’s trios; Hoboken XV:36 in Eb and Hoboken XV:23 in D minor. Yet again we have been astonished by Haydn’s ever-fresh imagination and invention in these two marvellous works!

25th February 2017: Haydn Plus! no. 4 Haydn Trios Hoboken XV:8 & XV:10 PLUS Mendelssohn piano trio in C minor, Op. 66. The powerful Mendelssohn Op. 66 is today’s partner for another two magic Haydn trios from 1784 and 1785 respectively. After a fiery start, a glorious slow movement and lightening-fast scherzo, Mendelssohn returns to a stormy, albeit life- and, for him, faith-affirming finale with its Lutheran chorale theme presented in a blaze of glory!

22nd April 2017: Haydn Plus! no. 5 Haydn Trios Hoboken XV:18 & XV:21  PLUS the luscious early quartet for piano and strings, Op. 15, by Gabriel Fauré. The two trios were written for the wives of the Princes Anton and Nicholas Esterházy respectively. Always imaginative, never conventional, Haydn’s music bristles with beauty, wit and charm and is a delight to hear and play! For the Fauré, Sarah, Heather and Harvey are delighted to be joined, as ever, by violist Susie Mészáros.

1st July 2017: Haydn Plus! no. 6 Today we will play another pair of trios, those in Eb minor/major, Hob. XV:31 and D major, Hob XV:7. in XV:31 Haydn explores the extremely remote and unusual key of Eb minor in this extraordinary trio dating from 1795. For audiences and musicians of the period this would have been shocking, introducing them to new timbres and colours – this key is still rarely used today! The D major dates from 1785 and, after a beautiful set of Variations and a poignant Andante in D minor, concludes with a typically fresh and vibrant Rondo. Susie Mészáros joins us again for Schumann’s ever-popular Piano Quartet in Eb from 1842.