Beethoven PLUS! Series – 19/6/21 Emmanuel Church, Didsbury

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Ticket - Beethoven PLUS! Series – 19/6/21 Emmanuel Church, Didsbury

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19/6/21 Emmanuel Church, Didsbury – 11am

We’re making up for lost time, so this is Beethoven Plus! number 8, hot on the heels of no. 7. Sarah and Harvey play Beethoven’s virtuosic and ground-breaking Sonata for violin and piano in Eb major, Op. 12, no. 3. Dedicated to Antonio Salieri, this remarkable music was designed to showcase its creator’s skills as pianist and composer. We pare it with a work by another young virtuoso composer of the next generation: Johannes Brahms’ Piano Quartet in G minor, Op. 25 with its famous ‘Gypsy’ last movement. This wonderful piece was also calculated to thrill!!


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