The Pleyel Trust

During the 2020 lockdown The Pleyel Trust was formed and granted charitable status to support the educational work of the Pleyel Ensemble. With the backing of the Trust, concert-planning, recordings, workshops and partnerships with educational institutions can proceed from a more secure basis. Our remit has always been one of widening understanding and appreciation of the wonderfully rich world of chamber music with an emphasis on lesser-known works and those of British composers. The new Trust will help us to build on what we have already achieved over the past decade.

Registered Charity No. 1190757

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Friends of The Pleyel Trust

2021 being the Pleyel Ensemble’s tenth anniversary and in acknowledgement of the charitable status that the Pleyel Trust has attained, we are now launching a support group of which you can become a member for an annual subscription of just £40. Associate membership offers even better value for you and your partner at only £70 per year.

  • What will the Friends be supporting?

All Pleyel Ensemble projects aimed at widening the accessibility to, and increasing the knowledge of, chamber music throughout society. This is principally achieved through our concerts and performances, but also through:

  • Schools workshops
  • Development of online educational materials
  • Creation of virtual concerts for care homes and hospitals
  • Family days, offering coaching for young instrumentalists and the chance to rehearse and perform alongside professionals
  • Talks and presentations about different aspects of the Pleyel Ensemble’s work.

Friends will also receive:

  • Advance notice of Pleyel Ensemble events.
  • An invitation to at least one social occasion annually, when they will meet the musicians and enjoy live music and refreshments.

Please see our donor box for a one off payment or annual subscription. If you are a taxpayer don’t forget that we benefit from an extra 25% if you choose to tick the Gift Aid box. Thank you!

Visit our social pages for all upcoming concerts, projects and videos of our performances!