Ticket – 10th Anniversary Celebrations – 11am : Beethoven PLUS!


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The Pleyel Ensemble invite you to join them in celebrating the last ten years of music-making. Now with our new charity, The Pleyel Trust, we are looking ahead to even more exciting projects…. Read more here

Saturday July 24th Emmanuel Church, Didsbury


Please be aware that we are only able to keep these prices low by depending on your DONATIONS which can be made immediately below or on the day, using either cash or cheque. Thank You !


Sarah’s renowned cakes will be available to purchase throughout the day!

In accordance with Covid-19 regulations please do not expect to be able to sit at tables to consume refreshments as before. You will be required to go straight to your pre-booked seats. As soon as possible, coffee and socialising will of course be re-introduced!

When purchasing this ticket your contact information will be used to fulfil the TRACK AND TRACE COVID-19 guidelines set out by the government for all in your party. This information will be used for the purposes of TRACK AND TRACE ONLY.

Thank you for your cooperation, this is the only way we can go ahead with our live event schedule, so please respect the rules in place and give us the correct information.